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Shri Late K.D.Malviya 1st Chairman

Oil & Natural Gas Commission

How the idea came for Exploring our Country for tracing the Oil

Before we go to retired employees association, I wish to write in brief that
when this ONGC organization has come up to search oil fields which were not there at all in the mind of our government. However, with the initiative of our Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who discussed with Shri K.D. Malviya, that why in our big country oil is not there and in other countries they are fortunate to have oil. Malviya ji has taken the pledge that I’ll take this responsibility and will bring a day when we will also have oil in our country.
In about 3-4 year’s time, we have set up an organization for oil and natural gas exploration with the name of Oil & Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) and have recruited fairly a good knowledgeable team of geologist and geophysicist. Initially, we have undertaken exploration work in Sibsagar, part of Gangetic Basin, Kangra Valley, Punjab, Combay and some part of Saurashtra.
With our good luck, we have been able to receive training with Russian and Rumanian experts also. Further, training on our oil wells of Jawalamukhi, Hoshiarpur and Combay have started.
We have also discovered an oil region in Combay. We have obtained encouraging results on the basic of which our geological appraisal of the Baroda-Combay region have improved considerably. Never-the-less fact remains that all this may not prove to be as cheerful as it appears today and then we will have to grid up our loins again and go on searching and searching.