President, Sh Ashok Varma ONGC Executives Welfare Association, New Delhi , welcome all Members on this Site
ONGC Executives Welfare Association, New Delhi, welcomes Retired Executives
Welcome to site of ONGC Executives Welfare Association, New Delhi

Aims and objectives of Retired Employees Association

  • To provide a common platform for Ex- ONGC Group Of Companies Executives and their families to meet and share matters of common interest and work together for their welfare in improving quality of life.
  • To take up issues of welfare and other concerns with a view to lead a life of dignity with ONGC management and concerned authorities.
  • To provide a common forum for Petroleum Sector Retired Employees and liaise with their respective Welfare Associations in particular and similar organizations of other Public Sector Undertakings in general for mutual support in matter of common cause and interest.
  • To promote social, economic, educational, technical and scientific interest in the society and provide opportunities to it’s members to share their experiences and expertise.
  • To protect it’s members from social injustice, discrimination and all forms of exploitation and extend it’s helping hand and support in the hours of need.  
  • To assist in promoting and safeguarding all interests, rights and privileges of it’s members by all lawful means .
  • To collect and disseminate information about useful engagement of it’s members and sharing of their experience and expertise.
  • To encourage and provide opportunities to it’s members to update their knowledge and acquiring new skills for self improvement and sharing for the welfare of society.
  • To institute scholarships, prizes, awards and endowments for the benefit of poor deserving students belonging to members of the association in particular and public in general with a view to motivating and improving the quality of education.
  • To establish educational, cultural, scientific, social and library centres to function as welfare organization for it’s members and the society at large.
  • To arrange conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, discussions, exhibitions etc. to disseminate knowledge, experience and expertise with the support of it’s members and for the benefit of society.
  • To organize educational, social and cultural programmes, get together and other activities with a view to promoting communal harmony, social solidarity, national unity and integrity.
  • To formulate and execute schemes for improving the quality of life such as health, education, infrastructure i.e. social and economic conditionsof it’s members in particular and public in general.
  • To undertake and publish from time to time research, papers, books, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, news letters etc. to disseminate information and knowledge in the field of management and energy.
  • To become member of any other national/international body/institution for promotion of aims and objectives of the association.
  • To receive grants, donations, subscriptions, fees, charges and/or any property either movable or immovable from any organization , institution, individual within or outside India including international agencies.
  • To accumulate income of the association or any part thereof for such periods or periods as the association may deem it fit within the laid down rules.
  • To purchase or take on lease or hire or otherwise acquire temporarily or permanently any movable or immovable properties necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objects of the  association.
  • To open and operate accounts of the association with any recognized bank.
  • To take any or all the above activities or any other initiative and activity which the association feels necessary to achieve it’s aim and objectives for the welfare of it’s members and their families in improving  the quality of life in general and contribution to the society.