President, Sh Ashok Varma ONGC Executives Welfare Association, New Delhi , welcome all Members on this Site
ONGC Executives Welfare Association, New Delhi, welcomes Retired Executives
Welcome to site of ONGC Executives Welfare Association, New Delhi

Architects of our Ex-ONGC Executive Welfare Association, New Delhi

The complete history of organizing the ONGC is mentioned below; who are the great members who have built this organization in such a way that ONGC is counted in International market of Petroleum Industry.
Subsequently, Ex-ONGC Welfare Association, New Delhi, have been formed in October 2008 by our seniors, who have retired from the ONGC organization. The Association first Ex-President elected is Shri. S.B.Kabra (Ex-Member (Finance)). Hence, the beginning of Ex-ONGC Welfare Association, people have joined as member of the association with rules and regulations and got appointed for running the Association with whole heart and intelligence.
Subsequently, Ex-Chairman (ONGC), Shri. S.K. Manglik has been appointed as President, together with following team:-

Shri. S.K. Manglik                   Shri. S.B. Kabra               Shri. D.N. Awasthi
Ex-Chairman (ONGC)                 Ex-Member (F)                 Ex-Member (P)
President                                Ex-President                      Vice President
                                               Special Invitee

         Shri G.D. Dhingra               Shri. S.D. Kapoor                Shri. Jaswant Singh
            Ex-Director (P)                  Ex-Dy General                   Ex-Manager (P&A)
            Vice President                  Manager (Admin)             Asst. Gen. Secretary

Shri. Shiv Dayal                               Mr. K.N. Khan                       Dr. Anil Garg
Ex Dy Manager (F)                           Ex- Dy GM (Geol)               Ex-Dy GM (Chem)     

           Dr. (Mrs.) S. Dhir              Shri Kr. Achhar Singh                   Mr. Q.A. Siddique
             Ex-Dy Chief                     Ex-Manager (P&A)                       Ex-GGM (F&A)
Apart from the above, the Ex-ONGC Executive of the Association has decided to invite and grace the occasion with their presence:

Dr. Jauhari Lal             Shri S.K. Chawla                             Shri K.N. Khan
Shri T.S. Lamba           Shri Ajit Singh                             Shri B.L. Ghasolia

After taking the appointment of President, Mr. S.K. Manglik and his team, have taken the decision to bring the organization with a practical scenario, that we should have full flash meeting of our present team on monthly basis. Not only the members but we should also invite our Ex-ONGC colleagues on such occasions, so that, their new ideas may also be taken. In one of the meeting, it was suggested by Mr. K.N. Khan that we should have a summary of every meeting in the bulletin form. Mr. Manglik appreciated the idea and asked all the members that who will come forward to take this responsibility. All these people appreciated the idea but none has given his name to take this responsibility. Ultimately, Mr. Manglik has given this duty to Mr. K.N. Khan and telling that “responsibility of this idea, you have to take yourself”. Ultimately, Ex-ONGC Executive Welfare Association’s 1st News Bulletin was issued in February 2010. It was also decided, that message from the President/Vice President should also be there in the Bulletin. Mr. Manglik and others have also requested our colleagues to join the Association and contribute their new and innovative ideas for Bulletin and as well as to bring the members for the Association. In Bulletin, we added that our members may organize ‘Think Tank’, ‘ONGC Letters with High-lights’, e.t.c.
The vision of Ex-ONGCians is concentrated that how we should bring “Make in India” in the world as per our honorable Prime Minister “Mr. Narender Modi”, to develop India as a major economic powerhouse through rapid industrial growth. We sincerely consider that some new insights that definitely come out when the ideas will be shared by the contributors through this souvenir. India was the 4th largest consumer of crude oil and petroleum products in the world.

As per the estimates of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, 48% of the country’s sedimentary areas are yet to be explored.