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EPS-95...discussed with Sri Kharak Singh and Sri Nirmal Kumar Mumbai. Following points are to be noted by all.

1. Enhanced pension benefit will be available only to those whose name appear in the writ petition filed in court wrt their PPO No.

2. As decided by Mumbai core group Rs. 2500/- per head has been collected from every body (EPS -95 Members) to meet legal Expenses with a promise to return to individual equally if expenditure is less than collection.

3. If one is member of any registered Association he is not repeat not required to become member of Mumbai Association again by paying Rs. 2000/- . One need to mention in the form about his membership no of that Association where he/she is a member.

4. The two forms be filled up by Individual and Cheque/NEFT/RTGS of Rs 2500/- be sent to the given Account and forms to the given  Mumbai address.

5. Many officers ie Members (more than 400)have already sent the forms and Rs.2500/- per head to Mumbai Association address as given in the form. So at this stage reducing contribution by members of our Association as discussed yesterday meeting may not be right.

6. Mumbai ONGC and HPCL will watch the development and take action accordingly.

So my suggestion/advice to all members would be to fill up the forms by individual members and transfer Rs.2500/- to Mumbai Account to enroll their name which is very important as if name is not included in the list of writ petition than he may miss the benefit. If favourable order issued by SC it will be applicable to those only whose names appear in the list. So let us do it individually and not through Association.  I am forwarding this message to other Association also who asked my opinion in this regard.

Sri Varmaji.. please circulate this message in our WhatsApp group EOEWA Delhi for wide circulation so that no member of EPS-95 is left out including to group Ex Director group as there also some are member of EPS-95.

President, EEWA, Delhi.

 - Individal Authority for Filing WP